I help high achieving women create harmony in life (without sacrificing their goals) in 90 days.

Whether that looks like...

→ Stopping the hustle and grind mentality to start showing up for your kids games and date nights with your partner

→ Figuring out whether you want to go back to working full time after having your beautiful, new baby (or starting your own business?!)

→ Determining whether the job you've been at for 10 years is where you want to be for another 10

→ Rewiring your brain to enjoy getting up at 5:30am to have "coffee and me time" before the kids start wreaking havoc

Maybe you’re…

‍A super overachiever crushing it at work but getting into more arguments with your partner.

Love what you do and love working but realize you never make it to your kid’s soccer games.

Working your ass off in a job you don’t love but feel so disconnected from how to change your path.

Looking like you’ve got it all together, but inside it feels like an unbalanced tornado.

You're not broken. You're just confused about some things.

‍We can find a more harmonious life, with less force and more flow, by focusing on 3 foundational pillars:


Learn your unique Human Design so you begin to understand your triggers, insecurities, and natural strengths.

Make aligned decisions about your work, relationships, and family life.


Master your mindset to take out the outdated, default paradigms you are living by and replace them with beliefs that align with your values and priorities.


Recognize what YOU want for your future, not what you think your future is supposed to look like, and create a plan with the skills, tools, and strategies to get you there.

When high achieving women have focused on these 3 key elements with me, here’s what their life turned into:

  • Transitioned to working productive 4 hour days so she could spend more time with her family and worry less about work.

  • Dropping clients that weren’t a good partnership and were causing her stress, but she wasn’t able to see past the income it brought in previously. Now she’s able to fill that time with clients who are a great fit and light her up.

  • Being able to overcome fears and negative thoughts to confidently make an important life decision she had felt confused about and owning it.

  • Starting her own business doing work that felt inspiring, no longer feeling lost and without a purpose in a draining job she didn’t love.

  • Feeling equipped with tools for time management and a growth mindset to accomplish the professional goals she had for herself without compromising time with her family.

Your brain has been trained to think a certain way about yourself and your life.

But you’ve come to a place that you don’t like anymore.

We need to challenge that.

Retrain your brain to get out of this default place.

And form new patterns.

Together, we can systematically and intuitively retrain your brain and body to get to the place you

actually WANT to be in.

This unique, personalized 3-month coaching program is perfect for ambitious women who:

→ Have a successful career but have come to an “AHA moment” of wanting a new future with more balance and harmony (let’s get you traveling the world like you wanted to!)

→ Know work is taking up too much time in their schedule, leaving them feeling suffocated and disconnected from the rest of their life (wait…I have a spouse??)

→ Love their job but are going through a transition that is showing how much time and energy work is draining from them (motherhood, taking care of a parent, etc.)

All of this for an investment of $6,000.

($5,500 if paid in full)

You were led here for a reason.

Allow yourself to follow your intuition for a change.

The choice to take control of your life is solely yours.

The experience to follow can be truly life changing.

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I believe in giving back first.

10% of all 2022 proceeds are donated to Jasmine Grace Outreach.

Tina G.

"I do not know where I would be in my motherhood and business without having Adriana by my side coaching me and guiding me through this crazy life."

"She has helped me understand the business I want to start and how to begin. You are going to want Adriana in your corner to help you live the life you've always dreamed of!"