"Adriana is an engaging and fearless speaker with her audience. Her adaptable leadership qualities provide a space for inclusive dialogue. She’s a natural born coach combining her expertise in human design and life coaching to support clients on their journeys to become their most authentic selves with flying colors. I’d highly recommend Adriana for your next event! You'll feel the elevation!"

- Christina Anastasia

Top Talks & Workshops

All talks and workshops will be custom tailored to your specific event and mission.

  • Personal growth and women's empowerment

  • Spiritual growth and development

  • Taking control of your life and reclaiming your power

  • Leaning into your authentic self through Human Design

  • Law of Attraction and Manifestation

  • Creating success through flow, not force

Adriana Keefe has a passion for helping high achieving women create harmony in life without sacrificing their goals. As a Human Design expert, she understands the human dynamic on a deeper level than most, and wants to bring that knowledge to the women of the world.

As a speaker, she brings forth the knowledge of the innate power we each have inside us, along with actionable steps we can do to make the desired outcome our reality.

She brings her energy, love, and "too muchness" into her talks and workshops to inspire others to step into the power within them.

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"Your seminar sent me running from the messes in my life! Extremely positive and exhilarating." - Jennifer

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"When she spoke, she shared from a genuine place and provided relevant takeaways.

I had the privilege of attending a workshop at the she's Local MetroWest Women's Conference. Adriana was both a panelist and the moderator of that discussion, and was fantastic in both roles. When she spoke, she shared from a genuine place and provided relevant takeaways, and

when she moderated she cultivated a comfortable space that allowed for ease and flow for the panelists and audience. I look forward to being able to hear her speak, and share, at future events."




"Adriana was a pleasure to have on as a guest to my virtual fitness classes! My clients loved getting a concise meaning of what manifestation is as well as a simplified how-to.

I also had the privilege of meeting with Adriana and discussing my human design chart. It really showed me I am on the right path! My clients have since delved into manifesting and enjoying the fruits of their work."

"It was such a pleasure working with Adriana and having her speak at The Supermom Summit!

Her discussion on rewiring your brain specifically for high-achievers was super impactful for our attendees. They loved the idea that trying to change everything
will make it impossible to maintain positive change. I look forward to working with Adriana again!"


I believe in giving back first.

10% of all 2022 proceeds are donated to Jasmine Grace Outreach.