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A holistic approach to creating harmony in your work, family, and personal life.

Kim r.

"Holy shit. You have REALLY channeled human design!"

"Listening to you felt more concise than some podcasts I've listened to. I love how it took you hardly any time to respond!"

I believe in giving back first.

10% of all 2023 proceeds are donated to Jasmine Grace Outreach.

3-Month Coaching Package

2-Hour Introductory Retreat (Recorded)

6 Private 60-Minute Coaching Sessions (Recorded)

3 20-Minute Roadblock Calls

Unlimited Email and Voxer Support

1:1 Coaching Package

I help high achieving women release the trauma and conditioning that's keeping them stuck, and step into the magnetic energy of their own powerful design to unlock a new level of being they never thought possible.

This unique, personalized 3-month coaching program is perfect for the ambitious woman who:

  • Has checked off all the boxes in life but is feeling unfulfilled and unhappy

  • Desires to contribute to the world but isn't recognizing her unique power

  • Is ready to connect to her inner knowing and feel supported by the Universe

  • Wants to increase her income and abundance with less force and more flow

Group Coaching Experience

Biweekly 60-Minute Group Coaching Sessions (Recorded)

Monthly 30-Minute Individual 1:1 Sessions

Unlimited Email and Voxer Support

3-Month Commitment to Your Transformation

Designed On Purpose

This is NOT your typical coaching program.

In Designed On Purpose, we do what talk therapy can't - HEAL the subconscious from trauma, abuse, and conditioning. When we're living by design, we can begin to manifest everything we want in life.

The group experience is perfect for the high achieving woman who:

  • Has checked off all the boxes in life but is feeling unfulfilled and unhappy

  • Doesn’t love her life anymore, but doesn’t know who she is

  • Desires to love herself and feel safe in taking up space for what she wants

  • Wants to increase her income and abundance with less force and more flow

Human Design Chart Reading


1-Hour Virtual Reading

Recording of the Session

Human design chart reading

What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

Why am I constantly feeling burnt out and all over the place?

Am I on the right track? ‍

Dive deeper into understanding your energetic blueprint and how you’re authentically wired to make decisions and move through the world. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Your open and defined centers, so you can recognize where external conditioning is holding you back from the successful life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

  • Tools that are customized to you to help you begin reconditioning to your authentic self and maximize awareness of your design.

  • Your gifts and strengths that will show you the right path to your purpose and goals

Human Design Society


Monthly Human Design Workshops

Monthly Q&A/Hot Seat Coaching Calls

Guest Experts

All recordings available anytime in the course platform

Community Chat

Human Design Society

A community of spiritual seekers ready to release the outdated beliefs and conditioning and step into their authentic selves.

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"My chart reading helped me to move forward with a few things I felt stuck in my business and it gave me a better way to make decisions."

Now I'm able to take my time and lead from my gut and my emotions, not feeling like I have to make a logical decision because that doesn't work for me as well as the other.



"It validated a lot of where I'd like to go in my life and how to get there."

"I walked away from my chart reading knowing how to communicate better with my husband and my son, and validation to tap into my healing capabilities and how I can help others heal and be their best selves. I'm on the right track!"