You’re a unicorn. You deserve to design your business that way.

Sorry, beauty - The Unicorn Experiment has ended!

hold up! whaaatttt?!

The only online coaching program

that shows you how to use the unique magic of your Human Design to design and market your business without the one-size-fits-all strategies that are burning you out.

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program for unicorns, let's make sure you're a good fit.

You’re right for The Unicorn Experiment if you’re a dreamer with big ambition and want to design your business without marketing tactics that make you gag. 

The Unicorn Experiment is right for you if you’re ready for JOY and EASE in your day. It’s time to truly love the way you show up. It’s time to see a financial return for being your beautiful, unique self.

If you...

→ Love your service-based business but you no longer feel connected to your work …

→ Know being in love with your business again is the key to helping more people and scaling …

→ Have plateaued and you’re drained from all the coaching and strategies that don't feel right (and you have less than dreamy results to show for it!)

→ Want to build a business that feels right for you from the get-go (and sidestep the massive $$ dropping into strategies that may or may not work for you).

Then you're in the right place!

The Unicorn Experiment gives you the tools, inspiration, and unique support to run and market your business in a way that makes you fall in love with your work all over again, while adding a few more zeros to your bank account.

get this →

You're going to finish this program knowing ALL of this:



to reboot your energetic system and make room for your new and freaking powerful paradigms and beliefs. 



type, strategy, authority, and profile, to create awareness around how you are a unicorn with unique ways of interacting with the world around you (all while creating magnetism within your business!).



that aligns with how you best use your energy and authentically generates business without burning out.



based on how you are energetically designed to attract sales that makes bringing in highly qualified clients and customers feel intuitive and easeful.



that will have your inner unicorn galloping all the way to cart close and amplify your sales.



to ensure you know (and maybe even named) your unicorn, and how to continue your consistency and manage your goals and dreams with ease.

she said...

Check out this beautiful Unicorn:

"Working with Adriana changed how I was feeling about my business. I was feeling burned out and confused about how to move forward to increase my income. Now I know exactly what I need to work on, what I can let go of, and what I can delegate!"

Harmony Slater

Let's get real here.

The Unicorn Experiment literally changes lives

and it's officially OPEN for enrollment!

(But not for long...)

fellow unicorns

said this:

sara kelly

"If I hadn't taken this course, I don't think my business would have kept going. Within The Unicorn Experiment, I realized I was running the wrong business model for my type and it was leaving me drained. After implementing what I had learned, my social media engagement increased in views, comments, and personal messages, I’ve gotten two out of the blue opportunities to share my expertise, an opportunity to be featured in one of my networking groups, and a client offered to pay me more!"

Lacey T.

"Learning more about my human design has unlocked a piece of myself that I have been pushing down for a long time. I’ve been able to lean into my design to begin to build a business I never dreamed possible. The process has been filled with so much joy because I have intentionally acted with what I learned in mind. Today, I just hit publish for my first book because of that guidance of my energy!

Kate s.

"I have a clear strategy on what works for me! Working with Adriana helped me understand the right way for me to run my business based on my human design. I no longer feel guilty about the things that I'm not doing and I have a clear strategy on what works for me! She is such an incredible resource of knowledge and I continue to learn from her and recommend her!"


It's time to make YOUR energy flow and create the lighter, easeful work you know you can have.

what's inside

Will Blow Your Mind.

Module 1

It freaking PAYS to learn from someone who’s gone before you…And when that same person is also a manifestation and Law of Attraction coach? You’ll be unstoppable.

I know exactly why the marketing strategies your coach or YouTube mentor taught you aren’t working. In this module, we’re going to crush the beliefs and paradigms underneath all that effort that are keeping you stuck.

Get ready to start fresh. You’ll leave your old patterns in the past. We’ll set you up for success by clearing your energy and welcoming your inner Unicorn back on stage to help you achieve total clarity about what you want and how you’re going to get there.


→ The psychology behind conditioning and how it impacts your everyday life.

→ Know where you’ve been conditioned by those around you and create new beliefs that will serve as your inevitable success. 

→ The art of moving things back in balance energetically and opening your potential to growth instead of resistance and lack.

→ Clarify your vision for your business and embody the version of yourself who already has all you want.


Module 2

This is why this program can work for ANYONE, even those who don’t know much about Human Design. Welcome to Human Design 101, you beautiful Unicorn, you.

In this module, you’ll find the validation you’ve been looking for within your design (WHY can’t I seem to finish anything when everyone else can?!). 

We’ll equip you with the basic knowledge of your Unicorn imprint (AKA Human Design) so the rest of the program is easy to understand.


→ Learn what the Human Design System is and how you can best use it within your business.

Discover what all that Human Design lingo means so you can move forward feeling clear and confident.

→ Get to know how you are designed to approach business (AKA your unique energetics) through your Type, Strategy, and Authority and jumpstart your motivation to take action!


Module 3

We can’t all be expected to run our businesses the same way…and that starts with the business model itself.

Is your business model draining you or maximizing your energy for magnetic alignment? Do you know how you show yourself to the world and the personality you bring?

In this module, you’ll learn if your energy is designed to operate the way you are currently operating, and get to know yourself through a whole different light: Your Profile energetics.


→ Discover your profile within the Human Design System and become an expert on how you interact with the world around you. 

→ Identify what business model will work best for you based on YOUR one-of-a-kind, Unicorn self.

→ Differentiating the “shoulds” versus the “feel goods” within your business so you can be in your zone of genius (which = more magnetism…and more money!)


Module 4

The reason marketing your business in a profound way has been so hard for you is because you don’t know the beauty that lies within your Human Design. Learning how to market someone else’s way isn't sustainable! 

In this module, you are able to release the pressure to invest a lot of time and effort into others’ success formulas…because you have your own! Say adios to hearing business advice that doesn’t resonate with you and bring back the connection and excitement to sharing what you do!


→ Shine as the authority in your industry by using marketing strategies that align with your Human Design type (more flow and ease, not dog paddling!).

→ Position yourself with confidence so people recognize that you are their go-to expert.

Map out your marketing plan using strategies based on how you’re energetically designed to attract sales


Module 5

You know what they say…”People love to buy but hate to be sold”. You are a HUMAN (a very unique one, at that) and people WANT to buy from you. You just need the right offer and launch process!

Well, lucky for you, we’ve got that covered! In this module, we’ll be curating an offer and launch process that feels GOOD. Letting your Unicorn design take charge here is going to make this process crystal clear for you!


→ Clarify what you’re offering, how you want to launch it, and everyone’s favorite…pricing!

→ Identify your money story and release negative thought patterns that arise so your success is inevitable.

→ Troubleshoot where you may get caught up during the launch process through the not-self themes of your Human Design centers so you know right off the bat how you’re going to pull yourself out of overwhelm.


Module 6

This is where we tie all your new knowledge up with a bow! Knowing the goals you’re working towards and putting together a plan of action are two of the most crucial pieces of running a lucrative business. 

Living by design creates a magnetism that is sustainable! We’re going to ensure your lasting success by showcasing the ways you need support, how to stay consistent with your new knowledge, and what additional resources you can explore if you want to dive deeper.


→ Structure your workflow with routines and habits that make consistency easy so you always know how to tap into your inner Unicorn.

→ Identify how you want to set goals and achieve them (you can’t get to a new destination without your GPS!).

→ Learn how you can best support yourself (and how others in your circle can support you) based on your energetics, finding your flow instead of force.

How and where you can continue to find support and education in your life long experiment with your Human Design.




Bonus 1: (A $900 Value)

6 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions With Adriana Inside The Unicorn Experiment Community for Members Only

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes with someone to provide you the support and tools you need to implement your unique energetics throughout the 6 weeks and long after.

What You’ll Get:

→ 6 weeks of live Q&A sessions to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence. 

→ A supportive community within the Geneva app (no Facebook necessary!) with fellow Unicorns to make sure you are able to get unstuck and encouraged throughout the program (and long after!).

→ A space to overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other entrepreneurs who understand your journey and are walking the same path with you. 

Bonus 2: Unpack Your Shit (A $200 Value)

With Katie McMinn, Mindfulness Coach, Author, Founder of Hint of Lavender

When you unpack something you should expect there to be a little discomfort. Now is the time to be brave, to look yourself in the mirror and be proud of the person staring back at you.

During this training session you will go inward, feel your body and begin to identify how your emotions play into your decision making. Working through this process will give you a deeper understanding of who you are as a person.

Bonus 3: Tapping Into Your Intuition (A $250 Value)

With Aubrey Bahr, SRT Practitioner & Reiki Master

It's time to address the common misconceptions around your intuition.

Dive into your intuition with a workshop led by the Founder of Deep Healing for the Creative Soul course and podcast. We'll explore damaging blocks that keep you from tuning into your intuition, as well as hacks on how to connect fully and quickly.

Bonus 4: HeartHealing™ Therapy Taster & Imprint Recordings (A $333 Value)

With Olivia Radcliffe, Life and Business Coach

HeartHealing™ therapy is a revolutionary integrative healing approach combining scientific, spiritual, and energetic principles for deep and profound shifts.

Open your heart to receiving more love, abundance, inner peace, and success by breaking down the walls built that were caused by past trauma with these hypnoses sessions.


Today's Price = $555

Or Two Payments of $278

I believe in giving back first.

10% of all 2023 proceeds are donated to

Jasmine Grace Outreach.

this is freaking magical

This is over $2,00 in value!

Inside the Unicorn Experiment alone, you get...


6 Implementation


Guiding you through everything you need to do to turn your business from a hobby to wildly profitable and fun.

Business and Marketing Strategies Unique to YOU

To optimize your strengths and generate income without the forceful marketing tactics that aren’t moving the needle.

The Human Design

Basics and Terminology

To make sure you never feel out of the loop and overwhelmed as you experiment with your unique energetics.

A Launch Plan Based

on Your Energetics

Showing you what to offer and how to sell it through the magnetism that comes with living by design.

Let your magic shine

Let's go, Unicorn.

Gallop your way to loving your work again!

Plus – You'll Be Backed By a Risk Free 14-Day Guarantee

I dig for the refund policy, too! I get you. Especially if you’re new to the world of energy when it comes to making money. I’m glad you’re here.

Let me say this. In The Unicorn Experiment, entrepreneurs who are committed to changing their lives and business for the better WILL go from feeling burnt-out and frustrated to taking aligned action with ease that generates results.

Now here’s the kicker. By the end of these 14 days, you will have received access to the first two modules. 

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to start diving into ways to structure your business around your unique Human Design BEFORE making a final commitment. 

If you don’t feel totally confident that you align with these steps that will bring you more flow and abundance into your life, simply reach out to within 14 days of the course start, and I’ll refund your investment.

let's talk FAQ's

Burning Questions Your Fellow Unicorns in Business Asked:

Finances are tight. Can I really afford this?

My question to you is: Can you afford NOT to do this? 

Investing in this program now will allow you to finally create the feel-good, profitable business that isn’t exhausting you. Staying stuck where you are is what you really can’t afford. Time will continue to pass by, whether or not you make the changes your heart desires. 

I know it feels scary to invest in yourself, but when we’re totally honest with ourselves, are we putting our best foot forward in our businesses when we’re operating out of scarcity and frustration? This is about the quality of life for your family and your clients. What is that worth to you?

Sure, you can continue to YouTube strategies and research articles on the best ways to market, but has that gotten you long term results? 

But to also be practical, I offer a 14-Day Risk Free Guarantee to protect your time and money and ensure this is a good fit for you!

I don't get it. What IS Human Design, anyway?

Human Design is the science of differentiation. How are you energetically different from the person next to you? Or the person you admire in business but haven't been able to scale your business doing the same things?

It teaches you how to access your body's consciousness as a decision-making tool, allowing you to lead and live from a place of energetic alignment (helloooo, magnetism!). Human Design combines astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra system, and genetics to show you your "operating manual" for your soul and how you can exponentially grow a business by tapping into it.

I don't know any of the terminology. Will that be covered in the program?

Don't worry, my friend! This is a program anyone can take, prior Human Design knowledge or not. I recognize that Human Design newbies will also be taking this course, so I’ll meet you where you are and explain every new detail.

And since there’s a Q&A and community chat, you can ask me directly for clarification on anything specific.

I’m nervous this course is going to overwhelm me. I already have 983,027 on my plate and I’m exhausted. Can I really do this?

I’ll be totally up front with you. There’s a significant number of things that you’ll need to learn and experiment with to make the changes you want long term.

YES, it’ll probably get a little uncomfortable at times. 

YES, you’ll have moments where you might swear at me through the computer screen (I forgive you in advance). 

But here’s the thing…the work you put in now will pay off long term. Like, forever. As long as you’re willing to invest a small portion of your time each week and reach out for help when you need the push, you can absolutely do this.

You’ve probably realized by now that what you’re already doing isn’t working. No amount of change will come without a little effort.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you want to put in the effort it takes and feel like you’ve earned the life-changing outcome this course will provide.

You’ll never waste your time or energy, and everything you do in this course will bring you one step closer to showing up as yourself in business and getting paid really freaking well to do so.

When I join The Unicorn Experiment, will I be getting immediate access to all the lessons and modules?

Modules will be released weekly.

Why weekly, you ask? To better protect you from the dreaded “o” word us women in business tend to fall into – overwhelm!

When we work through the modules weekly, it allows you to flow at a slower pace and not feel like all the information is being thrown at you at once. 

Not ready to work through it weekly? No problem! When you enroll in The Unicorn Experiment, you will be gaining lifetime access. All of the content will stay available to you, so you will always have access to it (and any updates). Whenever, wherever. 

How much time will I need to schedule for the course each week?

The Unicorn Experiment can be accessed for a lifetime, so it can be done at your own pace OR within the weekly schedules that the modules will be dropping. Meaning you can work on this as many or as little hours as your schedule allows. 

In this program, you will have access to our weekly Q&A sessions as well. You can move along at the weekly pace of the modules dropping or slower, regardless of the Q&A’s being weekly. The community is there for your support along the way!

But here’s the thing…

The Unicorn Experiment is designed for rapid implementation and sustainable momentum. Meaning, as you stack up the wins and start waking up to a more peaceful, enjoyable work day, you’ll WANT to keep going. 

You’ll WANT to speed through The Unicorn Experiment as quickly as you can. 

You’ll WANT to make it the first thing you jump into after your epic morning routine.

Because as you’ll soon see, curating your business in a way that feels GOOD to you isn’t forceful when you know exactly what you need to be doing to get amazing results without any wasted effort. It’s actually one of the most fun and satisfying things you can do for your business growth…and your own identity.

if you're thinking...

“This sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure”, keep reading.

You should give The Unicorn Experiment a 14-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

→ You want to enjoy your life. BADLY.

You’re fully aware that your business is now sucking the life out of you. Whether it’s the 24,943 new marketing tactics you’re trying or the constant feelings of disappointment after your launches, you’re losing faith in who you are as an entrepreneur. 

You’re sick and tired of not hitting your goals and living in the vision you have for yourself, and SO OVER being the one who says “I can’t afford that” every time something exciting pops up.

→ You’re not afraid of putting in the work.

It’s pretty easy to become an entrepreneur, but to become a successful one is where the effort lies. You’re not afraid of learning something new or hard work. Hell, show you the path, and you’re more than lit up by running down it! 

You know that putting in the work now will lead to more ease later (and for the rest of your life). Above all else, you’re ready, willing, and excited to put the effort in to save your business.

→ You recognize that you’ve tried everything else, and continuing to force other options is not the answer.

That doesn’t mean you don’t freak the F out a little when you think about pressing the “buy” button below and investing in your potential. But it does mean you’re fully aware that you’re in a plateau and only YOU can get out of it. 

You appreciate that you’re a unique woman, with different energetics than a man, and different energetics than your coach or mentors. So, for what it’s worth, if there was ever the “right time”, it would be now.

When you join us, your world is going to start making sense.

YOU are going to start making sense, because we are going to be using YOUR unique energy.

Your “unicorn-ness”.

This is your chance to enroll in The Unicorn Experiment, my beautiful Unicorn.

So what’s it gonna be?

who is Adriana?

Human Design Coach and Motivational Speaker

It all started with my "quarter-life crisis". I was an award-winning Realtor and mom of 1.5 (pregnant with our second)...and life looked great...on the outside.

It took a lot of coaching and figuring my sh*t out, but when I was introduced to Human Design, I found immediate validation within my "rainbow sheep" of a soul.

I saw my chart and thought, "Holy sh*t, I'm not broken."

I had been a Life Coach and had a little success, but it was mostly throwing spaghetti at a wall hoping it would stick.

I was exhausted. I put all my effort into doing the things I was being told to do to grow my business, but their strategies weren't working for me.

I couldn't help but feel like a failure, thinking "maybe I'm not cut out for this".

So I brought my Human Design knowledge into the mix...and everything changed.

Now I'm shouting from the rooftops that every business owner (well, freaking everyone!) needs to know what I know!

After months of working with entrepreneurs to perfect this course, it is finally here. I have taken the successes they've accomplished and added in my own to show you exactly what you need to know to have your vision. You know, the one where you LOVE what you do again and make a sweet income for doing it?

Your people are waiting for you. It's time to step up and guide them. I'll be here to walk along with you every step of the way.

I can't wait to meet you, share this with you, and cheer you on inside The Unicorn Experiment!




It's time to get the answers you're seeking.